Parker's Piece, Cambridge

Parker's Piece, Cambridge


Liberal Voice endeavours to provide a platform for constructive debate on an entire gamut of issues that pique intellectual curiosity and interest, and otherwise. The idea behind Liberal Voice is to foster and stimulate thought and ideas, be they the very real and identifiable or the very abstruse and recondite. Though the magazine is syndicated under the label of the Cambridge Student Liberal Democrats, it will remain neutral to article selection and viewpoint projection. I do look forward to increased representation (contingent on contributions) of both the extreme leftists and rightists, to liven up the content and debate herein. A concept magazine such as the Liberal Voice is as good as its contributors, and as such, like any other forum for stimulating expression, is heavily reliant on active participation.


Being the first copy of the magazine, it will naturally have the pristine quality of chary calibration. Though, in times to come, I am hopeful for a greater flow of expression and sweep of thought in the flesh of the magazine.


Liberal Voice will essentially remain to be an electronic magazine to facilitate circulation in the present age of the internet, and only limited hard copies of the magazine are intended to be printed. This however, may be reconsidered in light of a demand for hard versions of the magazine. I welcome feedback and suggestions on the style, structure and content of the magazine from all readers. Subsequent issues would also carry a space for reader comments on the essays that are published within. Such comments must be mailed to the undersigned at the e-mail address mentioned below.


I earnestly hope that Liberal Voice rapidly gains appreciation.


Aditya Sihag

Editor – Liberal Voice



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