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Click for Copenhagen

If the world’s global temperature rises by more than two degrees 30 million more people will go hungry, 50 million more African people will be exposed to malaria and between a fifth and three fifths of the global population will suffer from an acute water shortage. These are just a few of the human costs predicted by the world’s leading climate experts. But climate change is no longer just a theory. It is happening now. If current levels of CO2 emission continue, then the world’s temperature will rise those critical two degrees in just ten years. Copenhagen could well be our last chance to halt the devastating effects of climate change and save the world’s poorest from a ‘climate crisis’ which is primarily our responsibility.

With this in mind, the Cambridge Student Liberal Democrats have kick-started a new and entirely paperless campaign ‘Click for Copenhagen’ – a way of sending a message to Britain’s politicians that proper and concerted action needs to be taken and now.  Britain needs to demonstrate a commitment to fighting climate change and it needs to do this by making firm and meaningful pledges.  Throughout the last week CSLD has collected short video clips of individuals clicking their fingers in support of decisive action. Students have clicked for greater cuts in carbon emissions, clicked for insulated and energy-efficient homes for everyone, and clicked for investment in new sources of renewable energy. The government’s proposal for a 30% cut in carbon emissions is just not enough. To stop the global temperature rising the crucial two degrees carbon emissions need to be cut by at least 42%. This needs to be accompanied by investment in new forms of renewable energy and a global finance deal to help less economically developed countries achieve similar targets.

These are just three key steps highlighted by the Liberal Democrats as necessary to stop climate change in its tracks. These measures need to taken before the summit even convenes if Britain is to come to the table in Copenhagen having set an example of the type of commitment which needs to be emulated throughout the world. These efforts will leave us and the rest of the world stronger not weaker and ensure that we can meet the demands of the future and create a sustainable and green Britain for future generations.

If you too want to ‘Click for Copenhagen’ then visit our petition page ( and ‘click’ our online petition. Alternatively join us in London on December 5th where we shall be marching with the Stop Climate Change Coalition as part of The Wave.

To many of the world’s poorest climate change is a matter of life and death. We can stop it. Act today. Click for Copenhagen.